Hello True Crime addicts! I assume you are visiting my blog because you are obsessed with True Crime, or may you just happen to stumble upon it during a google search for a True Crime that was not mine ;) . Whatever the reason, I'm glad your here and I hope you check out the site, read a blog or two, tell a friend, share a story, start or join a discussion, and maybe even stay for a while.

About me let see.....My name is Kaleen, I am 31 years old from South Florida. I haven't always been into crime, it just sort of happened and I never left. I was referred to a podcast from my cousin (no names mentioned) I started listening to an episode, then another and then before you know it I binged the whole podcast, subscribed to patreon and binged every episode on there. I then started looking for other True Crime Podcast and story after story, case after case, the interest just continued to grow. I joked with my cousin that we should start a podcast but I have zero idea if I would even be good at it or even at this. But... I thought "let me start with a blog"... So hello people! Here is my True Crime blog!

Since I've joined the True Crime community, I have had wanted to research cases on my own and try to get stories out there. Help victims and families just by spreading their story. Dive deep into the mind of offenders and evaluate details in murder and missing people cases. I've even gone as far as to continue my journey in college and majoring in Forensic Psychology. I hope that by researching and sharing, we all can keep up with the fight for ones who can't.

- Kaleen

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